Graduate Students

Daniel Muccio

Daniel Muccio

Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering

PhD Candidate working to understand high latitude photosynthesis and respiration using space-based and Earth system modeling tools.

Ms Morgan

Morgan Loechli (Cheatham)

Applied Physics

Applied Physics PhD Student using atmospheric aircraft observations to quantify Northern Hemisphere carbon exchange with an application for benchmarking terrestrial models.

Ms. Yifan

Yifan Guan

Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering

CLASP PhD Student interested in carbon cycle interannual variability, especially over oceans. She is currently using atmospheric CO2 observations from NASA's OCO-2 mission to understand carbon-climate feedback. She received her Bachelor degree of Atmospheric Sciences in Nanjing University, China.

Mr. Torres

Anthony Torres

Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering

CLASP PhD Student researching the imprint of mesoscale and synoptic scale weather systems on atmospheric CO2 from the OCO-2 satellite.

Postdoctoral Scholars


Postdoctoral Scholars

Matt Hamilton: Now an assistant professor at the Ohio State University 
Jessica Liptak: Now a research computing specialist at GFDL 

Xin Lin: Now a research scientist at LSCE

Cynthia Gerlein-Safdi: Now an assistant professor at UC-Berkeley

Graduate Students

Zachary Butterfield

Matthew Wozniak: postdoctoral scholar at GFDL

Samantha Basile: now with the US Global Change Research Program


Allison Hogikyan: Now a PhD student at Princeton University 
Emily Gargulinski: Now a researcher at NASA Langley 
Alana Noone
Morgan Gorris: Now a PhD candidate at the University of California, Irvine 
John Simmons
Srishti Pilutla

There are openings in the group at the undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral levels. Please contact me to discuss available research opportunities.